Jurmala Boats

Jurmala boats

Paddle boat & kayak rental. SUP board rental. Boat storage and launching place

Jurmala Boats offer

1. Paddle boats & kayaks rental

2. Paddle boats for fishing ( from 1st of May till the ice)

3. SUP boards rental and sales

4. Motorboat sightseeing excursions

5. Boat launching place

6. Boat storage

Working hours: till the ice covers the river


Mob.: +371 29404905
E-mail: info@waterskis.lv


Prices EUR

Title 1 hour per day
Paddle boat 7 10-15
SUP- Stand Up Paddle Board 8 25
Kayak single 7 15
Kayak 2+1 8 20
Motorboat sightseeing excursions 80
Boat launching place 5
Boat storage Call +371 29404905


Jurmala, Majori direction

Sightseeing objects: railway and car bridges, Livu aquapark from the river side, Varkalu canal, Babite lake, Majori railway station.

Lielupe river meadows. Priedaine and Lielupe river

Sightseeing objects: primordial nature, human untouched floating islands, overgrown inland lakes, real jungle. Priedaine summerhouse district.

Sea direction

Sightseeing objects: Bullupe river, Bulluciems village - Stirnurags ( Roe deer horn ), Jurmala port, old fishermans port „Uzvara” ( Victory), a pirats ship Libava, Jurmala open air museum www.jbmuzejs.lv, Ragakāpa Nature park, Nature reserves primordial nature, beach at a Lielupe river adventure at sea, Buļļusala island, Mr. Pauls Jaunzems stone sculptura park www.skulptura.weebly.com, wooden dunes, protected object - Lielupe White dune.

Priedaine – Bullupe river – Daugava river –the Gulf of Riga – Lielupe river - Priedaine

Sightseeing objects: Lielupe White dune, Mr. Pauls Jaunzems stone sculpture park www.skulptura.weebly.com, Bolderaja Orthodox Church, a Lowers island, Naval forces ships of Latvia, ship repair factory, Daugavgriva lighthouse and mole, Vakarbullu beach, Lielupe river entertainment at the gulf of Riga, Jurmala beach, old fishermen port Uzvara ( Victory), Jurmala port, pirate ship Libava, Jurmala open airmuseum www.jbmuzejs.lv, Lielupe river meadows, Priedaine.