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  • test a different level SUP boards from beginners till advanced
  • rent a top quality SUPs
  • we sell a top quality and unique design WILD SUP boards and accessories at very affordable prices
  • test a various SUP boards at our site before choosing the right one for buying at
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Prices EUR

Title            1 hour           3 hours            per day
SUP board (paddle, life jacket, leash) 8 15 25
WILD SUP (paddle, life jacket, leash) 10 17 30
WILD SUP Tandem 1-2 persons (paddle, life jacket, leash) 12 20 40
Wet suit 2 5 8
Life jacket 2 3 5
Dry phone case, bag, waste bag 2 3 5
Neoprene boots
Kayak single 7 12 15
Kayak double 8 15 20
Paddle boat 7 10-15 10-20

Choose a WILD SUP boards

WILD SUP is a top quality stand-up paddle designer and manufacturer offering SUPs and their related products at very affordable prices. Our boards are made only from the highest quality materials and can withstand up to 27 psi pressure, which is among the top results in the world market. This level of compression, highest quality materials and top-notch technological solutions are the reason why our boards are so stiff, straight and capable of carrying heavy weight.

It all began in 2012 Klaipeda, Lithuania, when we created our first stand up paddle board Black Moose mostly for personal use and for our friends to enjoy. Because of its unique and eye catchy wild animal themed design, we got a ton of attention and requests from fellow paddlers, so naturally the idea of Wild SUP was born – a series of various nature based designs, top-notch quality and affordable price.

After countless hours of hard work generating ideas, designing, choosing the right, top-quality materials and carefully picking partners – we can proudly say that our highest quality inflatable, multiperson, or hard-top boards are distributed all over the world!

We hope that you will find one of our SUP board designs to be close to your heart and that you will choose the right spirit animal for you, that will accompany you to the most adventurous, fun and wild trips of your life!