Kayak rental

Kayak hire at Jurmala

Jurmala Boats offer

1. Kayak and rowing boat rental for individual trips.

2. Kayak and boat rental for group routes

3. Boating routes

4. Boat launching place

5. Parking area

6. Picnic places

Working hours: while the ice covers the river


Mob.: +371 28067676
E-mail: info@waterskis.lv


    Prices EUR

    Title1 h2 h3 h12 h24 h
    Kayak single78132025
    Kayak Tandem810182530
    Kayak triple1012203040
    Waterproof bag22255
    Boat launching place5
    Paddle boat1012152030
    Electric outboard engine + battery12121212
    Transportation1 EUR/km *1 EUR/km *

    * 1 EUR/km the price is indicated for 20 km from Priedaine. For other distances, the calculation is done separately


    Jurmala, Majori direction

    Sightseeing objects: railway and car bridges, Livu aquapark from the river side, Varkalu canal, Babite lake, Majori railway station.

    Lielupe river meadows. Priedaine and Lielupe river

    Sightseeing objects: primordial nature, human untouched floating islands, overgrown inland lakes, real jungle. Priedaine summerhouse district.

    Sea direction

    Sightseeing objects: Bullupe river, Bulluciems village – Stirnurags ( Roe deer horn ), Jurmala port, old fishermans port „Uzvara” ( Victory), a pirats ship Libava, Jurmala open air museum www.jbmuzejs.lv, Ragakāpa Nature park, Nature reserves primordial nature, beach at a Lielupe river adventure at sea, Buļļusala island, Mr. Pauls Jaunzems stone sculptura park www.skulptura.weebly.com, wooden dunes, protected object – Lielupe White dune.

    Priedaine – Bullupe river – Daugava river –the Gulf of Riga – Lielupe river – Priedaine

    Sightseeing objects: Lielupe White dune, Mr. Pauls Jaunzems stone sculpture park www.skulptura.weebly.com, Bolderaja Orthodox Church, a Lowers island, Naval forces ships of Latvia, ship repair factory, Daugavgriva lighthouse and mole, Vakarbullu beach, Lielupe river entertainment at the gulf of Riga, Jurmala beach, old fishermen port Uzvara ( Victory), Jurmala port, pirate ship Libava, Jurmala open airmuseum www.jbmuzejs.lv, Lielupe river meadows, Priedaine.