Pedal boats and accessories

Pedal boats and accessories. In our store you will find high-quality pedal boats manufactured by the Canadian factory PELICAN in Monaco and Rainbow. Canadian company BW Marine products Contour catamarans Cadet, Captain, Commander.

We also offer large classic T4 catamarans made of fiberglass

Pelican is a world leader in water and sea sports. Renowned for its outstanding quality, innovation and expertise, Pelican has become a leading global authority in the design and manufacture of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, rowing boards (SUPs), fishing boats and water sports equipment. As an international industry leader, we offer a wide range of products for both rowing and casual outdoor enthusiasts.

Our team consists of pioneers and visionaries who have been driving our business forward with ideas and development for more than 50 years. The first plastic pedal boats, canoes and motorboats were developed by the company’s leading designers. Those who operate today continue to work hard to offer you innovative products with ever-changing technology.

We hope to pass on to our customers our passion for nature, exploration, adventure and natural relaxation, offering a wide range of products that allow every budget to enjoy water sports – the driving force of Pelican! Safe boating is still our priority, so all of our boats are designed so that you can enjoy the waters in peace.

Pedal boats and accessories