Cable Boards

Cable Boards. Cable wakeboard boards from CONNELLY.

Cable wakeboard boards
New cable parks seem to be appearing every day, and the popularity of cable rides is growing rapidly. If you only ride on a rope park, you will need a more flexible wakeboard with more forgiving tracks and durable base and core material. We recommend a slight increase in size if you only drive with a rope, as towing is always slower than when driving behind a boat. Most cable boards offer natural flexibility for the use of wood cores. Wood also makes boards strong and durable.

Available for all types of riders
Available at all price levels
Special cable design to ensure the best possible experience
Mostly built with a wooden core.

We are CONNELLY – a brand that has been here since the beginning.

We’ve been creating things to make your summer better for over 50 years, and we’re not going to stop there.


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