Combo waterskis

Combo WaterSkis

Beginners or children typically start out on combo WaterSkis which is a set of 2 skis and provide better balance than a single ski. Combo, or double skis offer a large surface area and makes it easier for beginners to start out. You’ll want to choose a set that has adjustable bindings (shoes) which offer a better fit and can be used by all people in the family.

Combo water skis for beginners typically come complete with trainer bars which lock both skis together which provide better balance and makes for easier starts. For adults, combos are typically rated to accommodate riders over 100-pounds and offer a weight range than slalom skis. After you’ve mastered getting up on the water, being able to balance, and landing tricks and jumps, then it’s time to graduate to the next type of ski.

Combo WaterSkis  Perfect for the beginner or first-time skieers; Will work in pretty much any conditions; Stable and easy to ride; Easy starts; Family friendly – perfect for kids also

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