Slalom waterskis

Slalom waterskis. Slalom skis are a bit more user specific than combo skis which makes them less versatile. Choosing the right slalom ski comes with a better understanding of who they’re for, rider’s weight, style, times used, length of the ski, and the boat’s speed. This type of ski offers a competitive advantage tailor made to make the rider better, but specifically created to match the skier’s skill level.

Slalom Waterskis Perfect for the intermediate to advanced skiers; For those people who want to challenge themselves; Less stable; Far more speed and maneuverability; A fast (ski specific) boat is required.

Slaying buoys and carving massive walls of spray are our specialty. Whether you enjoy the pure bliss of a leisurely ride or are itching to finally throw the fist pump on that unconquerable pass, we have the perfect swerve stick for you.


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