• Double kayak ROTEKO CAYMANN 2

Double kayak ROTEKO CAYMANN 2



Double kayak ROTEKO CAYMANN 2

A new version of the well-known Caymann kayak, adapted to current trends.

Short polyethylene kayak with a long cabin, high edge and flat bottom. Very stable, neat, holds direction well while swimming. It has very comfortable seats for two adults and a third child seat with a three-position adjustable backrest.

These features make the Caymann a great offer for short trips for complete beginners as well as experienced riders.

Standard equipment:

– durable multi-level footrests (zig-zag dams)
– front rigging: card holder made of flexible lines
– replaceable wedge cover to prevent wear
– a screw-in drain plug that allows the water stored in the kayak to be removed
– ergonomic, durable handles for the handles

Additional equipment:

– grid on the card holder

– inner pockets


Length – 3.8m
Width – 82cm
Side height – 32cm
Maximum height – 37cm
Weight – 34kg
Lifting capacity – 240kg
Crew cabin – 223cm x 54cm

Material – HDPE Premium

Caymann colors:

– yellowish red
– yellow-green
– blue and white
– Red-black
– yellow
– red
– green
– blue
– Haki



Double kayak ROTEKO CAYMANN 2