Inflatable PVC boat Pacific Marine AMONA PM SY-300W




Sporty and perfect in design, the Inflatable Boat Amona Pacific Marine is perfect for fishing, outdoor recreation and recreational sports and has all the features it needs. The boat is dark gray so it is not greasy and reflects sunlight well. Due to its technical features and attractive price, this boat is suitable for both amateur and professional.

Amona Pacific Marine boats are made of extremely durable South Korean  HEYTex® 1100g/m² 0.9mm thick PVC material. The outer layer of this material has a high resistance to abrasion, extreme conditions and chemical exposure. The middle layer is made of braided synthetic fiber, based on polyester, which gives the boat the best properties of polyester – dimensional stability, tear and tear resistance. The fabric is resistant to UV rays, salt water, gasoline, grease and retains its properties at temperatures from – 30 to +70 °C. Life time when used correctly in inflatable boats – 10-20 years.

Type PVC boat
Length 300 cm
Width 151 cm
Height 42 cm
Weight 48 kg
Inner length 205 cm
Inner width 70 cm
Material HEYTex® PVC 1100g/m2 (0,9 mm)
Number of persons 4
Capacity 450 kg
Max pressure 0,25 Bar
Number of balloons 3+1
Max engine power 15 HP
Transom height 38 cm
Certificate CE
Category C
Floor type Hard (Water resistant plywood)