• Gift Card Inflatable ride behind the boat 10 min
  • Dāvanu karte - Brauciens ar piepūšamo pūsli
  • Dāvanu karte Brauciens ar aiz laivas velkamo pūsli 1h

Inflatable ride 1 hour



Inflatable ride 1 hour

During the ride, you will get a wide range of emotions – joy, fear, fun. Holding the bladder handles in fear, you will catch adrenaline, wind and water splashes on your face. Our experienced motorboat driver will anticipate all risks and ensure the safe ride. Your friends and fans support you from the shore or motorboat as a passengers.

Number of persons: 2 – 3

Activity duration: 1 hour

Equipment: life jacket

Clothing: towel

City: Jurmala

Duration: 12 months from the date of purchase

Season: 01 May to 30 September

Advance reservation required