• Obrien G5 Slalom Waterski

Obrien G5 Slalom Waterski



The G5 offers competition skiers the perfect speed for the absolute top performance. Seamless transitions lead to smooth, flowing arcs, creating effortless angle and more course space than has ever been achieved in a tournament level slalom. An innovative new sidecut and perfectly matched rocker combine to form a huge and extremely forgiving “sweet spot”. The G5’s unique bottom design blends an aggressive concave for grip with subtle forebody rails, providing committed initiation while maintaining predictability. The design is so incredibly well-balanced that there is less critical impact on binding placement and fin adjustment.

PVC core and aerospace grade carbon fiber layup.

Flex Pro
Fin Insight w/Pro Wing
Bindings Legion, Division, Titan
Rocker More Rocker for smooth, forgiving turns
Tunnel Concave, carry more speed into turns
Bevels 48 Degree Bevels
Skiers Weight

66″ 125-175

67″ 160-190

68″ 180+