• One-person kayak ROTEKO Smart
  • One-person kayak ROTEKO Smart
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  • One-person kayak ROTEKO Smart

One-person kayak ROTEKO Smart


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One-person kayak ROTEKO SMART
Compact, one-person kayak, safe for beginners but giving satisfaction even for experienced kayakers.
Despite small size it is perfect for several day canoe trips.
SMART is great for customers looking for small kayak for river lake trips.
Durable and slight construction allows to reach the most interesting nooks of rivers.
Basic advantage of this kayak is its stability, easy maneuvering and – the most important – large displacement.
Fair cockpit, footrests, baggage hold, tripwires and rubbers for placing the luggage and handles for paddles give freedom and comfort.
SMART is produced both in touristic – SMART and fishing – ANGLER version – with handles for fishing rods.

Standard touristic SMART equipment:
– Polyethylene construction
– Comfortable seats with high backrest and bottle holder
– Closed luggage hold
– Footsteps
– Map-case and rubber for placing the luggage
– Side rigging system
– Handle for paddle
– Exchangeable keel coating
– Handles for easy carrying
– Drain plug

Additional equipment for fishing ANGLER version
– 2 x handles for fishing rods

Important features of SMART kayak:
– Made of high-quality polythene
– High resistance to damages
– Simple construction – easy installation with very few parts that can be damaged
– Foldable, comfortable seats – paddle transport inside kayak is possible
– High cockpit – limiting water inside kayak
– Properly embossed bottom makes maneuvering and keeping direction easy
– Unsinkable construction means safety in water
– Keel ending protection

Length 3,51m
Width 65 cm
Height side 30cm
Max hight 34cm
Weight 26kg
Displacement 160kg
Cockpit inside 90cm x 52cm

Standard colors:
Yellow and red
Yellow and orange
Yellow and green
Blue and white
Red and black