• Veiksērfa dēlis Obrien Tesani

Veiksērfinga dēlis 2017 Obrien Tesani Wakesurf Board




Year 2017

O’Brien Tesani Wakesurf Board

A thin lightweight pintail with a convex top deck blends Skim style performance with Surf style construction. Giving the Tesani agile ride characteristics, incredible buoyancy, maximum drive, and nearly symmetric tip and tail profiles to make it effortless riding switch or attempting 360’s, Shove It’s, etc…

Obrien Skim Style Wakesurf Boards
Hand-shaped epoxy surfboard construction, light weight / high buoyancy make these boards super responsive behind the boat. FCS compatible inserts allows any fcs style surf fin to fit the board.

Length 142cm
Width 51.4cm
Wt. Range 100 kg