• Слаломная моно лыжа Obrien Conquer Slalom Waterski 66"

Слаломная моно лыжа Obrien Conquer Slalom Waterski 66″



Лыжи латвийских рекордов и чемпионов Европы среди молодежи.

Этот тип лыж содержит все рекорды латвийских женщин в категориях U14, U17, U21, Opene и латвийский рекорд для мальчиков до 12 лет.

В 2015 году была завоевана золотая медаль молодежного чемпионата Европы.


In a field of skis that all look and perform similar, the O’Brien Conquer stands out like Metallica at a jazz festival. The silhouette of the Conquer is made up of bold straight lines. The forebody is broad and straight. The tip is angular. The Conquer is blissfully different. The Conquer’s width and flat rocker equates to an unusually stable ski that produces crazy width and speed. Perhaps no other ski can get a skier from one side of the boat to the other as fast as the Conquer. The attitude of the ski is relatively flat and very consistent heading to the first wake. From the wakes to the ball, the Conquer gets wider and earlier in front of the ball than any other ski tested to date. The ski flows out and in front of the ball while maintaining extraordinary stability. The fact that the ski is so comfortable underfoot at this point allows the skier to be in better than normal position. Off Side turns on the Conquest are sharp and fast. The ski snaps around from wide as opposed to carving back. Sometimes the ski needs to be pushed a little to initiate the rotation and then it simply changes direction all at once. Pushing this ski too hard at Off Side will result in a radical turn and a frantic exit from the ball line.

Flex Pro
Fin Insight w/ Pro Wing
Bindings Legion, Division, Titan
Rocker More rocker for smooth, forgiving turns
Tunnel Concave, carry more speed into turns
Bevels 48 Degree Bevels
Skiers Weight 64.5” 125-175 66” 160-190 67.5” 180+