• ПОЛЬЗОВАННЫЕ детские водные лыжи Obrien Wake Star весом до 38 кг

Obrien Wake Star детские водные лыжи



Детские водные лыжи в хорошем состоянии для веса до 38kg.

Release the skier if they fall, taking the pressure off the kid

Just like the All-Star Trainers, the Wake Star Trainers are really a teaching system, but in a more value-priced package. Constructed of eco-friendly Bamboo. When it’s time to teach the kids to ski, the Wake Star Trainers are a great training tool. These 46-inch skis come with a stabilizer/trainer bar that prevents the skis from doing the “splits” and keeps them level. They also come with two ropes as part of the package; short training rope with a handle that connects to the stabilizer/trainer bar at the front of the skis that the skier holds on to, and a longer rope with a handle to be held by an experienced observer in the boat. With this system, the observer can release the skier if they fall, taking the pressure off the kid. This system makes it incredibly easy to get them up and skiing. Supports a weight range up to 85 pounds with kid-sized adjustable bindings. The Wake Stars are the value-priced system for getting your kids into the wonderful world of waterskiing.

Lengths – 46″
Wide Body
Stabilizer Bar
Trainer Rope W/ Handle
Weight Range Up To 85 lbs…
Bamboo Construction