Inflatable buoyancy aids

Inflatable buoyancy aids are used by adults over 40 kilograms. The biggest advantage of an inflatable buoyancy aid is its use of a self-inflatable function and completely unrestricted or minimal body movement.

Inflatable buoyancy aids are designed to provide safety without the need for our own intervention. An inflatable buoyancy aid in a kayak or other boat takes up very little space and, when worn practically, does not restrict movement. These buoyancy aids are not constantly inflated. Depending on the model you choose, it will be inflated automatically after contact with water or manually activated. Many models can also be inflated by mouth. This feature is very important if the aid does not have enough CO2 inside.

IMPORTANT! Certain conditions are required for the automatic activation of automatic buoyancy aids. Successful automatic activation is required a certain  amount of water and sufficient pressure, so it will not be automatically activated when worn in the rain or sprayed with water.

Inflatable buoyancy aids are slightly more expensive than standard pfd’s, but we are talking about a slightly more sophisticated mechanism here. Given the functionality and ease of use the price difference is no longer so great.

Inflatable buoyancy aids are perfect for those who are serious about water sports and tourism, want to feel comfortable and always be safe.

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