• Inflatable buoyancy aid RESTUBE AUTOMATIC
  • Automātiski piepūšams peldēšanas palīglīdzeklis RESTUBE AUTOMATIC

Inflatable buoyancy aid RESTUBE AUTOMATIC



Restube automatic is your water activated Restube. As soon as it hits the water it is automatically inflating within seconds.

Throw it to help a person in water. Manual triggering is also possible.

It‘s so compact it can even be carried by a drone. Drop it with a dropping system or fix it to your drone to get inflation in case of dropping the drone in water. Please comply with the regulations for flying a drone and dropping objects. Please contact us for information on suitable dropping systems.

To rearm Restube automatic you need the Restube automatic rearming kit containing one original Restube Co2 cartridge, one trigger unit for water activation and one secure clip.

A belt is not included.

Type Life-saving device
Size One-size
Length 14 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 0,24 kg
Material Nylon/TPU
Capacity 75 N
Purpose of usage Rescue
Country of origin Germany