• Kayak ROTEKO Bounty ECOline
  • Kayak ROTEKO Bounty ECOline

Kayak ROTEKO Bounty ECOline



Kayak ROTEKO Bounty ECOline
The bounty is short, stable and easy to maneuver. Great for lakes, canals and calm rivers.
The large cabin facilitates boarding and alighting, which will be appreciated by both beginners and larger kayakers.
The small size of the kayak makes it easier to transport and store.
Sjaks is a great offer for people who are looking for a small boat for fishing, short leisure trips or as a launch of a small yacht or motorboat.
Despite the small size, the kayak is extremely spacious, you enter the luggage compartment after tilting the high and very comfortable backrest.
In addition to a comfortable seat with a backrest with a backrest with space for a drink, the canoe also has footrests and a card table.
The high side makes us feel very safe in the kayak.
The soak is equipped with a removable wedge cover.

Length 2,90m
Width 75cm
Height side 35cm
Max high 35cm
Weight 20kg
Displacement 130kg
Cockpit inside 103cm x 44cm

Kayak ROTEKO Bounty ECOline


red/ yellow
green/ yellow

Other colors on request