• Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8
  • Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8
  • Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8
  • Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8
  • Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8

Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8 2022

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Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8 2022

Jauna 2022. gada slēpe

55 gadus ilgā izpēte un izstrāde ir vainagojusies ar vismodernākajām slēpēm tirgū. Apvienojot jaunas inovācijas ar laika pārbaudītām tehnoloģijām, mēs esam izveidojuši izcilāko slaloma ieroci. 2022. gadam mēs pievienojām 63 collu izmēru, lai pielāgotos mazākiem slēpotājiem un jauniem konkurentiem, kā arī vēl divas Versatail formas. DV8 ir jūsu biļete, lai vairāk noņemtu no virves un joprojām notīrītu visus 6.

Ražots ASV, Connelly rūpnīcā
63” ietver VT, VS un VR Versatail blokus
65″, 66”, 67” un 68” ietver VT, VS, VR un jaunumus 2022. gada VRS un VSR Versatail blokiem
Zema blīvuma, CNC griezta PVC serde
90/10 oglekļa/stikla šķiedras izkārtojums
C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
Hibrīda pamatne – pulēts gals, mikroteksturēta aste
Ātrums V-Tech
Plašs tunelis
Mainīgs slīpums
Viper 2.0 Fin System ar alumīnija foliju



Introducing, a flagship ski brand new for 2021, the DV8. Featuring patent pending VersaTail technology, this is the most customizable ski ever. Welcome to a new dimension in fine tuning.

Throughout the years, brands have been on a quest to create a ski that checks all the boxes. Yet because skiers have varying styles and skill sets, the one-shape-fits-all approach doesn’t always pan out for everyone.

With the DV8 and VersaTail, you choose how your ski rides and reacts.

​Humankind’s long storied struggle to negotiate a 6-buoy slalom course faster and with a shorter rope than ever before has run into some physical limitations. Subtle tweaks in ski geometry and construction, which in many cases cannot be seen by the naked eye, is all that has differentiated the myriad of options available on the market. The DV8 ushers in a new era with VersaTail (patent pending) – our new interchangeable tail system that features the ability to alter the geometry in the last inches of your ski. Welcome to a new dimension in fine tuning.



65″ / 165 cm, ≤ 140 lbs, 28 3/8″
66″ / 168 cm, 140 – 160 lbs, 28 7/8″
67″ / 170 cm, 160 – 180 lbs, 29 3/8″
68″ / 173 cm, ​≥ 180 lbs, ​29 7/8″
While considerable masterminding is put into the overall construction of a high-end slalom ski — the sidecut, rocker, bevels, etc — many people don’t realize how large a part the last few inches of the tail play. A change in tail geometry can mean the difference in a ski performing in perfect rhythm with your personal style. Our patent pending VersaTail technology offers the ability to fine tune the flow of water off the tail of the ski, taking a step beyond the standard fin and binding position adjustments. Skiers can choose from one of three tails, which are all included with the DV8.
Our stock tail shape — designed to offer a balanced tail depth through the turn and across the wake.
The square tail provides more support at the tail, keeping the tip down through the turn and generating more speed between the buoys.
The round tail lets the ski sit deeper in the water into the turn, adding control at higher speeds for quicker turns and reduced tail blowouts.
Although the DV8 is built with the same building blocks as our other high-end slalom skis (think GT-R, GT, Prophecy, etc), it was formulated with its own unique makeup. Between an increased rocker line, more subtle top shape, softer flex and customizable tail shapes, the DV8 requires less perfection on your part and is the most forgiving ski we’ve ever created.
The DV8 has an increased rocker line, predominantly in the tail, allowing it to move from one edge out to the other much easier.
We have gone with a more subtle top shape, particularly in the tip, to add support and control out of the turn. This creates a more balanced system, working together with the softer flex pattern and increased tail rocker.
We have softened the flex pattern throughout the ski to work in concert with the new top shape and rocker line. The result? A more forgiving ski all-together.
Ūdensslēpe CONNELLY DV8