Motorboats ROTO 450s.

MOTOR BOATS ROTO 450s. Meet the motorboat ROTO 450s. Fast, compact, and extremely stable – created for multi-functional use.

Thanks to its advanced design and unique manufacturing process, the MOTORBOAT ROTO 450s is easy to handle, durable, stable and reliable with a high level of safety.

ROTO 450s is a roto-molded one-piece boat made with 3-layer technology. This ensures excellent rigidity of the boat’s hull, despite its low weight and large capacity.

ROTO 450s have a single bench seat in the base version, designed for a fuel tank or as a lockable storage box. Optionally, you can order another box and a console with a windshield.

ROTO 450s are manufactured in the Slovenian factory ROTO, a leading European manufacturer with over 45 years of roto molded experience and a worldwide distribution network.

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