Parsun Outboards

Parsun Outboards. Parsun Outboards is an international brand of outboard motors, generators, pumps and motors developed with the experience of our US and Japanese partners.

The company Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Suzhou, China. The collective experience of our core technology team began in 1968. Including working with OMC (the original manufacturer of Johnson and Evinrude) to develop an integral component for heavy-duty outboard engines in the late 1990s.

Our US partner is Elco Motor Yachts LLC, based in New York. It manages the design, technology and patents for our outboard motor products and accessories, as well as the global sourcing of key parts and materials.

Each new outboard model has passed more than 500 hours of rigorous endurance testing before mass production. Each outboard is inspected for at least 1 hour before leaving the production line. Our outboard engines meet current US EPA and European CE standards.

The Parsun brand and patents are registered in China, the United States, Canada and more than 100 other countries.

Parsun supplies outboard engines for government projects, NGOs and the military. For example, we delivered UN aid projects to African countries, the United Kingdom Navy, the Russian Land Forces and the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and so on.

Parsun was the official sponsor of the outboard engines at the 2017 World BYTE Sailboat Grand Prix.

Parsun is a subsidiary of Eastern Precision, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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