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Boots & Bindings. Wakeboard boots from CONNELLY

Whether wakeboard boots with an open or closed toe, they must always fit snugly. To control the board, a tight fit is required, and the boots should hold the foot and heel tight. The cords are tight. If you wear boots with the toe closed, make sure your toe just touches the end of the boot (but not folded) so that they fit properly. The size of the boots with the closed toe is the same as the usual shoe size. Boots with open toes offer different size ranges.

Another consideration for fitness is ankle flex. Open toe boots usually have a lot of elasticity in the ankle so you can ride forgivingly. The closed toes have different flexible models to support different driving styles. The elastic ankle gives you the feeling of free travel on the water. Tight ankle is more supportive to give you more reaction and edge control, but is less forgiving

CONNELLY WAKE offers the best Boots & Bindings technology.


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