Bindings. Water ski bindings from CONNELLY

Foot cramps always kill the mood. That’s why Connelly has developed boots that never affect the length of time on the water. With advanced technology that promises comfort, support and style, we offer you the most outstanding benchmark

Water ski bindings, also called boots, are the ones in which you place your feet and are attached to the ski itself. The brackets have specific dimensions or are adjustable to allow them to be applied to different foot sizes. Admittedly, skis are as good as the bindings attached to them.

The main purpose of the boots is to keep your feet on the ski. Other features include that the feet and ankles do not move too freely, providing lateral support. This helps reduce any ankle injury.

You will choose fasteners that offer great support and are easy to put on. Beginners and those who plan to use mounts for more than one person will choose adjustable mounts.

For private use, it is recommended to choose the double wrap bindings commonly used by advanced slalom skiers. These fasteners are harder to put on, but they provide more ankle support. They are taller and tighter.


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