• Ūdensslēpošanas rokturis PROLINE 13" PRO LASER

Ūdensslēpošanas rokturis PROLINE 13″ PRO LASER



Ūdensslēpošanas rokturis PROLINE 13″ PRO LASER

5′ w/1.0″ DIA. BAR

  • 13” Handle with a standard 1.0″ round diameter
  • Premium tacky rubber w/laser etched grip
  • Exposed endcap and nylon tubing for daily inspection
  • Closed cell foam core bar keeps the handle buoyant
  • Strung with competition-grade Poly-Pro

A lot of other brands claim their products are buoyant – so what exactly makes Proline’s floating technology superior? The answer is simple. All of our ropes and handles are infused with closed cell foam technology to keep our gear 100% buoyant at all times. In comparison, some of our competitors claim their ropes are neutrally buoyant, which means they neither float or sink, but over time they can dip below the waterline which is potentially hazardous. So why risk your friends and family’s safety out on the water? Always select a rope and handle that is guaranteed to float – choose Proline as your #1 water sport accessory brand